After sign in, select the page that you desire to read from the thumbnails. Below the thumbnails you will find list of articles

  1. Select the desired article to view it alongside the list
  2. Click on Icon to open the article in a separate page. You can share the article on social media from this page.
  3. Click on icon to see the image view of the article
  4. Click on to save the article in your favorite list.
  5. Click on to download the PDF version of the article.
  6. Click on to increase the size of body text of the article

Yes, the desktop version of the site provides three different views of the e-Paper. The thumbview, the listview and fullview. But the mobile version of the site has only the thumbview. The other two views are not suitable for the mobile format.

However on iPad and Tablets you will see all the three views in landscape orientation.

After login to e-Paper

  1. Click on icon on the tool bar
  2. Select the required edition from the list

After login to e-Paper,

  1. Click on the user icon on the right of the tool bar on the top
  2. Select ‘Change Password’ From the menu
  3. In the pop up form type your old and new password
  4. Click on the ‘Change Password button.

After login to e-Paper,

  1. Click on the left menu icon menu icon andselect the ‘Subscription’ option
  2. Select the number of days that you want to subscribe to
  3. In the next screen make sure that you have selected the correct option. Make sure that your renewal start date is correct. If not, click on the calendar icon calendar icon to select the desired date
  4. Click ‘Next’ to go to the payment gateway to make the payment

After login to e-Paper,

  1. Click on menu icon to download the PDF of selected page.
  2. Click on menu icon to download the PDF of Entire Edition.

You can access last 60 days issues of all eleven editions of The Hindu & Business line (Chennai edition only) from the current date in the e-Paper archives.

You can always select a back date from the calendar on the tool bar or ‘Change Date’ from the left menu.

Reasons for charging the e-Paper are:

  1. Software development cost
  2. Maintenance of database & server to provide zero downtime
  3. Bandwidth cost
  4. AMC cost

We publish eleven editions (Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Madurai, Vizag, Vijayawada, Kochi, Mumbai& Trivandrum) in e-Paper before 5:30AM every day. You can see all the eleven editions with a monthly subscription of ₹175 and refer any 60 days of back dated issues in the e-Paper any time

  1. The printed edition will be available in full.
  2. The individual articles can be seen in pdf/ image/text format and fully searchable.
  3. Newspaper column format has been preserved.
  4. Classified sections are fully searchable and easy to preserve.
  5. Ability to provide an easy access for back dated edition pages (10 days current + 60 days’ archive)
  6. The Read offline feature to download the entire edition in one go and can be preserved for future reference.
  7. Ability to send article by email. (The recipient does not require subscription)