Stalemate over sharing of Krishna water to continue

With no resolution in sight over sharing of the Krishna river water between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh after the bifurcation, the stalemate is set to continue in the next water year, beginning June 1.

Telangana has made its stand clear at the recent meeting of the Krishna River Management Board (KRMB) that it would, under no circumstances, agree for the 34:66 (Telangana :Andhra Pradesh) ratio ‘forced’ upon it since the bifurcation for one more year. It highlighted the fact that judicious sharing of river water was one of the main planks of the Statehood movement.

“Telangana is entitled for 70% share in 811 tmc ft allocated to combined Andhra Pradesh by the KWDT-I Award as per the basin parameters, but the erstwhile A.P. had apportioned it in 512:299 tmc ft (A.P.:Telangana) ratio without protecting the in-basin requirements in the fluoride and drought-affected areas of Telangana,” Special Chief Secretary (Irrigation) of Telangana Rajat Kumar said.

Another senior official in the Irrigation Department stated that Andhra Prasesh is diverting about 300 tmc ft water out of 512 tmc ft to the areas outside the Krishna Basin, treating it as its right, forgetting the fact it is gross violation of KWDT-I Award.

KWDT-I had made it clear that in-basin needs be given preference over the needs of areas outside the basin while taking up new projects too.

After Telangana made it clear that it would not be a party to the orders issued by the board,without its consent for continuation of the existing arrangement, the board chairman has said that the matter would now be referred to the Ministry of Jal Shakti.