AI cameras gun for poachers

Wildlife officials at one of the most populous tiger zones in India are experimenting with a new set of camera traps — or cameras with infrared sensors deployed in forests to count wild animals or monitor the movement of potential poachers — that harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In experiments under way at the Kanha-Pench corridor in Madhya Pradesh, the system has, for the first time, caught poachers on camera that — a year down — helped forest authorities secure a conviction, according to a person involved in the experiment.

Cameras set up in remote regions are a key tool in surveys and census counts of tigers and elephants but have limitations such as requiring personnel physically access the machine to prise photos. They are also bulky and are not always optimised to conserve charge to keep the instruments running. The new kind of camera set-up, called the TrailGuard AI camera-alert system, being tested comprises slim devices that can be inconspicuously set up within the foliage of trees.


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