Subscription Amount:
Duration US Dollar (US$) Indian Rupees
1 Month (30 days) 4.5 175.00
3 months (90 days) 13 500.00
6 months (180 days) 25 950.00
1 Year 46 1800.00
Sign in only after front page is loaded fully on your screen. ( Your email id is your username and the password which you have given at the time of subscription.

After sign in, Click any article. This opens up an article in the same window where the full page JPEG image is displayed.
  1. Click PDF/TEXT to see the same article in PDF/Text mode in the same window
  2. After reading an article, just quit this window "X"
  3. Never use browser arrows to navigate the pages inside the e-paper
  4. Use Next/Previous/Page number/thumbnail to navigate the pages
After login to e-paper,
  1. click Services » My Preferences
  2. Go to Account Profile
  3. Click the Default Edition drop down list and select the required edition.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Logout and login once again.
After login to e-paper,
  1. click Services » My Preferences
  2. Go to Password Update and provide new password.
  3. Click Save.
  1. SIGN IN (Enter username & password after the page is loaded fully on screen).
  2. Just tap twice on the article or head line.
  3. It displays an article in the same window where the full page is displayed.
  4. Kindly set article view option to Image mode using Services-My Preferences » article view » Image » Save.
  5. Quit article window using "X" (after reading an article).
  6. Do not use browser arrows to navigate the pages inside e-paper.
  7. Use only page number/thumbnail/Next/previous to navigate the pages.
Note: To view and save the Read offline pages, you may need to install
Phone Drive app from iTunes. It is FREE. See the below link for more info.

After installing Phone Drive app, follow the steps to save & open Read offline pages.
  1. Open any web browser say Safari, Firefox etc. in iPad and login to the e-paper site
  2. Click the Read offline Link at the bottom.
  3. Click the required edition
  4. Click on Open in “Phone Drive” from pop-up window. This will save the zip file in import folder.
  5. Click OK and open the Import folder.
  6. Select the zip file which will prompt to unzip the file and say yes to unzip. That will save the contents in a folder with the same name of zip file.
  7. Open the folder to get all the edition pages.
It is not possible to send an entire edition through email due to its size limitation. There will be Read offline feature, where you can download the entire edition in one go.

After login to e-paper,
  1. click Services » My Preferences
  2. Under Account Profile, select Read Offline option to Yes.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Logout and login once again to get Read Offline feature.
  1. Before your subscription expires, just click the Renew Subscription tab as and continue the on screen instructions.
  2. If you want to subscribe after the account expiry, just login with your same username and password. Web page will direct to the renewal page.
  3. Click the Please click here for details and subscribe here and continue the on screen instructions.
There will be Read offline feature against your email-id (where you can download the entire edition as single zip file, which includes all pages of main edition PDFs). Please login into e-Paper and see the Read offline link at the bottom of the page to initiate full download on your desktop or suitable location. This file is in zip format and use unzip tool like WinZip, 7-zip etc. to extract all the pdf pages on your desktop.
We maintain about 60 days of all eleven editions of The Hindu & Business line (Chennai edition only) from its current date in the e-paper Archive at present.
You can always refer web site for old articles.
Reasons for charging the e-paper are,
  1. Software development cost
  2. Maintenance of database & server to provide zero downtime
  3. Bandwidth cost
  4. AMC cost

We publish eleven editions (Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Madurai, Vizag, Vijayawada, Kochi, Mumbai & Trivandrum) in e-paper before 5:30AM every day. You can see all the eleven editions with a monthly subscription of ₹175 and refer any 60 days of back dated issues in the e-paper archive any time

  1. The printed edition will be available in full.
  2. The individual articles can be seen in pdf/ image/text format and fully searchable.
  3. Newspaper column format has been preserved.
  4. Classified sections are fully searchable and easy to preserve.
  5. Ability to provide an easy access for back dated edition pages (10 days current + 60 days’ archive)
  6. The Read offline feature to download the entire edition in one go and can be preserved for future reference.
  7. Ability to send article by email. (The recipient does not require subscription)
You may refer our THE HINDU’s web edition and it is FREE.